Online Classes

The Writing ~ Online Classes

The first thing you'll be asked to do is to create a blog. You'll be given all the support you need to accomplish that. Returning students may continue to use their previous blogs. 
You'll do your writing on your new blog each week, and feedback will be provided in the comments section.
Each class member will be expected to give feedback on everyone's work each week. You'll be asked to offer at least one positive point and to indicate at least one thing you're unclear about or that bumps you in some way. I will provide much more detailed feedback, with a heavy emphasis on what's working, in the belief that focus on the positive is where growth best occurs.
 These blogs will be private in order to maintain confidentiality. You'll be invited to join the class blog, and invite class members to join yours. I will provide you with the nuts and bolts information you need to make all of this happen.
Each week you'll be given a new prompt to respond to. You will be amazed at what emerges as you allow your story to surface through these prompts. One of the great things for you in this class will be to see all the different ways of telling a story with a common start.
Depending on your own personal goals, you might spend as little as thirty minutes writing and thirty minutes offering feedback a week. That would probably be the shortest amount of time possible to get benefit from the class. If you're in a place where you want more, you might  work your piece throughout the week and submit something more polished. In that case you'll find you need more time. 
You can post as few as 100 words and as many as 1500 (but no more) in any given week. 
This class is appropriate for both beginners, women taking that very first step toward exploring their stories, and more experienced writers who might be well into the writing of a memoir. 

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